With over 25 years of counseling experience in both the military and private sectors, I  provide counseling to Soldiers, Veterans,  adolescents, parents, and others with an understanding, pragmatic approach. I teach real life, useful tools that my clients can bring into their daily lives to cope with adolescent behavioral challenges, stress, addiction, post traumatic stress syndrome and mental health problems.  I am trained in recognizing and treating behaviors that can be dangerous to self or others.  My 30 years of military and law enforcement experience provides invaluable insight to the traumatic exposure to First Responders.  My experience in the clinical setting, emergency departments and in the field enables me to adapt my treatment approach to any setting and offer my clients  a treatment plan that is unique to their needs.  I am a father of three happy, successful children and bring my straight forward, practical approach as a parent to the adolescents and families I work with.